Breakout game with “Unity” + “Kinect”

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I made a Breakout game with freemium game engine “Unity” based on Unity official tutorial yesterday. That’s a wonderful smart tutorial.

Then today, I tried to connect that Breakout game and Microsoft “Kinect”.
I wanted to have users be able to control the “bar” by their physical motion.

Then, the problem is obviously “how to connect”.

Then I decided to use “OSC(Open Sound Control)” as a “glue” between Kinect and Unity because I’ve already made that by “Processing” to use other my project “Kinect Dub Siren“.

Kinect Dub Siren is connecting “Ableton (Max for) Live” and Kinect.

So, it looked easier for me.

Yes, this is it.

By the way…, I could not find “Audio Driver Setting” of Unity….I want to use my “Audio Interface”… Hmmm, this is the next problem.