Projection Mapping + Vietnamese Traditional Items – A Report form Saigon Art Scene

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Cao Hoàng Long introduced me an art installation event using projection mapping at Saigon Open City in Dis1, today. To do projection mapping, the major concern is the subject, furthermore where image should be shot to. Unique point of today’s installation is the subject. The subject is Nón Lá, yes, Vietnamese traditional hat, very famous and having interesting figure (but I’ve never found that until today). And the artist (French guy, David Chanel HP: didn’t only create this but also created an interactive installation using Đàn Bau (also Vietnamese traditional musical instrument like… single string guitar) and Nón Lá. Player plays the Đàn Bau then image reacts to the sounds.

Hmm, both interesting to me and also having high quality image…
The artist will be staying in Saigon until the end of this week… If you have time, I can recommend you all as Long did…

Event page:

Nón Lá + Projection Mapping

Đàn Bau + Nón Lá + Projection Mapping