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Sunday, May 8, 2011
RAKUSAI at Sawako TanizawaRAKUSAI will be hold at Sawako Tanizawa solo exhibition in MATSUO MEGUMI + VOICE GALLERY. It will get started on 7PM. Admission free.
Details of RAKUSAI at Sawako Tanizawa solo exhibition.
※This contents involves sounds.
Sunday, April 24, 2011
RAKUSAI(楽祭)@KCUA Kyoto City University of Art GalleryRAKUSAI(楽祭) at Kyoto City University of Art Gallery "@KCUA" had finished. Special thanks to the people came to threre and staffs of @KCUA and Mr, Moriyama.
You can see the photos of RAKUSAI(楽祭)@KCUA at here!
Monday, April 8, 2011
RAKUSAI(楽祭)@KCUA Kyoto City University of Art GalleryWe will hold "RAKUSAI(楽祭)" in Kyoto City University of Art Gallery "@KCUA" on Sunday, April 17, 2011!
In that day, "Shinrin Syokudo" and "tourch" will come for catering! Admission free.
Please check this "Detail of RAKUSAI(楽祭)@KCUA"
Saturday, Janualy 1, 2011
A happy new year 2011.A happy new year 2011. We made a special content for new year! Please click above photo and enjoy!
(Above photo is)
Photograph offer: Kobe Art Village Center
Photographer: Kazuo Fukunaga
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Monday, December 5, 2010
Shinchika Shinkaichi
RAKUSAI in SHINCHIKA SHINKAICHI at Kobe Art Villege Center had been finished. Special thanks for everyone came see us, KAVC staffs and SHINCHIKA!! Great Photos of RAKUSAI had been taken by the staffs and fuji_moon. You can see them here RAKUSAI@SHINCHIKA SHINKAICHI page! Enjoy, and feel the vibe!
Monday, November 1, 2010

We will hold RAKUSAI in an exhibition of "シンチカ(SHINCHIKA)" at Kobe Art Village Center. SHINCHIKA is an art unit making videos and songs. The date is November 20, 2010. It will be started on 7:30pm. The SHINCHIKA exhibition will be held from Monday, November 15 to Sunday, December 5.

Please enjoy the collaboration with SHINCHIKA works!! You can check the access and more details from Web site of SHINCHIKA and Kobe Art Village Center.
Sunday, August 15, 2010
RAKUSAI R had been finished.
Thank you for everybody came see us and the performers and everybody helped us. You can see Photos of RAKUSAI R from here. Those had been taken by fuji_moon. THX!!
Sunday, August 1, 2010
Details of RAKUSAI R had been decided. Entrance fee is free.
Date: Saturday, August 14, 2010. Start is 5pm Place: GURA(Fushimi, Kyoto)
Performer(あ-ん): The order of appearance will be decided by lot at 3pm on that day. Decoration:
Tursday, July 15, 2010
We hold "楽祭R(RAKUSAI R)".

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