About me

Toshiya Momota – Superpeachman

VJ, IT engineer, Designer

Born in 1981 in Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Currently live in HCMC, Vietnam.
Majored in visual design at the Department of Design, Faculty of Fine Arts, Kyoto City University of Arts.

I was exposed to Osaka club culture in middle school with my childhood friend and started DJing.

After entering art university, I participated in many activities as a DJ and performer using original sound instruments as part of an artist group, “Matsuri-bu (祭部),” which held many recitals named “Rakusai (楽祭)” stated as “the most free recitals in the universe.”

In parallel with “Matsuri-bu (祭部),” I was also active as a drummer for a Live Dub Band, “Kamisama-on.”

After moving to HCMC Vietnam in 2012, I started VJing with my self-build VJ program at one of the very first Bass music parties, Base of The Bass, in HCMC with my friends.

I love art, but I also love watching loosely connected communities transform, quietly and sometimes dynamically, through on-the-spot performances. So, I want my VJ program to be interactive, transformable, and melting away among people…

Past: my activity logs…

Present: I am active on https://www.instagram.com/superpeachman/

Rakusai (楽祭) Web: https://superpeachman.info/rakusai/index_e.html

Kamisama-on: https://soundcloud.com/pi-dub/sets/kamisamaon


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